Popular culture, being so widely available, has been opened to much criticism. One charge is that popular culture tends to be superficial. Another claims that popular culture is rooted more in sensationalism than reality. Still another says that popular culture is actually the culture adopted by cultural mavens or alphas, and then modified later by the laggards of the mainstream

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Song One Verse Six Fantasy, Kazza and Alcohol Addiction

Oh lord, lead me from this fantasy
Oh lord, lead me not into temptation
As i download Brooke Burke
And try not to go berserk
At how long it takes KaZaA
When sitting around drunk
My mind stuck in a funk

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Song One Verse 4 or The Beatles and Grand Theft Auto for the PS3

This senorita, Lita, Diva, Rita
All The Beatles songs from their great crusade
That I listen to while playing Grand Theft Auto
Causing destruction on my Playstation
When I allready beat Final Fantasy

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Why do you want to condemn
A president like Bill Clinton
Or a everyday soldier like Eminem
Singin songs bout his senorita

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Dwelling on War, Politics, and a Cyclops Kitten

State of the Union
State of Ruin
Gather round
To find out how
We the people
Are doing right about now
Suffering, death, war
People Getting ambushed
People gather round Bush
To hear is opinion
State your position
But he's blind to all sides
like Cy the One Eyed Cat
Doesn't REALLY see whats goin on
State of Ruin, State our Ruin

Song One Verse Three or Stills From The Paris Hilton Video Make Up My Wallpaper

Look at all this religious memorabilia
Is this why you fear the human genitalia
Or is it just plain homophobia
That spurs your hatred of pron
And your hatred of Paris Hilton

Hiatus Poem or Fate / Fatal It Doesn't Matter When The Movie is Over and The Ticket Counter Closed

This is fate
This is going to happen
This is
This is going to be the end
You think this free fall is a game
But in this movie, in between the frames
There exists a quintessential pain
Like the archtypical femmes
We are fatally flawed
And the review is two thumbs down